Dancing Bull Zinfandel (Morrisons)

Californian wine will not be ignored, no matter how much some producers in the ‘old world’ might want it to be. It’s proven capable of delivering good value on the bargain basement shelves (depending on your taste), and also of making outright quality that can give anything from Europe some serious competition. And it’s not content just with taking aim … Read More

Tom BradfordDancing Bull Zinfandel (Morrisons)

Morrisons Verdicchio Classico

Anyone who’s read my comments on Sainsbury’s offering of Verdicchio* might be quite surprised to see that I’ve even gone near this wine. I’d like to think it’s because I have a noble determination to avoid writing off a style based upon one example. Then again, maybe I just like have something to complain about. You see, this is the … Read More

Tom BradfordMorrisons Verdicchio Classico

Sainsbury’s Hunter Valley Aged Semillon

For lovers of innuendo, the very word ‘Semillon’ is bit of a godsend. For many wine producers though, a Semillon blend is a means of getting ‘Sauvignon’ or ‘Chardonnay’ on the label while keeping the price keen. For a select few, it’s a grape to be celebrated for what it can achieve on its own. Semillon wines, young or aged, … Read More

Tom BradfordSainsbury’s Hunter Valley Aged Semillon

Kiwi Cuvee Pinot Noir (Asda)

Pinot Noir slips under the radar of many wine drinkers. That’s probably because it’s not a major feature of the sub-£10 market, which is mainly because it’s a notoriously tricky grape to grow successfully. Times are changing though, as the likes of Chile, and plucky Romania, have shown that they can produce a credible PN at a more budget-friendly cost. … Read More

Tom BradfordKiwi Cuvee Pinot Noir (Asda)