Ogier La Marlerie Lirac (Morrisons)

Lirac is a small appellation in the Southern Rhône, one that probably has the potential to match many Chateauneuf du Pape wines in both style and quality, without matching the (often inflated) price tag. So having established that the much more common Côtes du Rhône Villages appellation can provide great value for as little as £5 a bottle, I was … Read More

Tom BradfordOgier La Marlerie Lirac (Morrisons)

Chateau Laubès Bordeaux (Morrisons)

That Bordeaux makes the very best red wines in the world is certainly a cliché, many would probably also say a truism. But while the connoisseurs wax lyrical over bottles that can cost as much as the average monthly salary, what about those of us who buy most, or even all, of our wine at the supermarket? Good value claret* … Read More

Tom BradfordChateau Laubès Bordeaux (Morrisons)