Saumur Rouge Les Nivières (Waitrose)

If you drink red wine, you’ve probably had at least one French red at some point. Chances are, you’ve had several, or even many. But have you had a red from the Loire? For most, I think the answer would be no. I’m not frightened to admit this was only my second ever Loire red. And I have to thank … Read More

Tom BradfordSaumur Rouge Les Nivières (Waitrose)

Vin du Pays de Gers (Marks & Spencer)

A bronze award from Decanter. A ‘commended’ award from the International Wine Challenge. An average score of 4.4 out of 5 from the twenty people who’ve reviewed it on the retailer’s website. £4.99 a bottle. Where’s the catch?! The catch is that they’re all completely wrong (apart from the solitary person who’s given it a bad review on the retailer’s … Read More

Tom BradfordVin du Pays de Gers (Marks & Spencer)