Maurice et Fils Hautes Côtes de Beaune (Morrisons)

Maurice et Fils

This title is a real mouthful. But anyone who knows the region of Burgundy will know that the wine itself isn’t likely to be such a substantial mouthful. Beaune and the surrounding villages is one of several parts of Burgundy renowned for Pinot Noir wines. The ‘Hautes Côtes’ translates roughly as ‘higher slopes’, and that is to be taken literally. … Read More

Tom BradfordMaurice et Fils Hautes Côtes de Beaune (Morrisons)

The Venturer Series – Vermentino (Aldi)

The Venturer Series is an intriguing move from Aldi. At the time of writing, it’s just five wines strong, but they’re generally from grapes and/or regions that tend to sit off the radar of the casual wine drinker. And yet, they’re all priced at just £4.99.  So what is the target market? I can only assume it’s the adventurous wine … Read More

Tom BradfordThe Venturer Series – Vermentino (Aldi)

The Exquisite Collection – Gavi (Aldi)

Gavi is one of the many Italian whites that seems doomed (for reasons I don’t understand) to live in the shadow of Pinot Grigio. Probably less so for the well educated wine drinker, but certainly for the casual, “I’ll just pluck something familiar from the shelf” wine drinker. So what is it? I’ll begin, in Wineontrial’s time-honoured manner, with a … Read More

Tom BradfordThe Exquisite Collection – Gavi (Aldi)

Cano Tempranillo-Garnacha (Morrisons)


Sorry, should be ‘Caño’, but I wasn’t sure the correct spelling would be spotted by the search engines. And the retailer has allowed themselves to spell it wrong, so I think I can get away with it too. The target for this wine has to be to offer better value for money than a price-conscious Rioja Joven (young Rioja). The … Read More

Tom BradfordCano Tempranillo-Garnacha (Morrisons)

Maison du Tastelune Côte de Nuits-Villages (Marks & Spencer)

Red Burgundy is always likely to be, for the most part, the preserve of the affluent connoisseur. Most casual wine drinkers will shop elsewhere. Prices dictate that, sadly. For anyone not in the know, red Burgundy is the original Pinot Noir, and still, indisputably, the benchmark for wines from this much revered variety.The prices of the wines produced from the … Read More

Tom BradfordMaison du Tastelune Côte de Nuits-Villages (Marks & Spencer)