Marquis de Plagne Cremant de Loire (Lidl)

Champagne is not the only region in France to make sparkling wine. But you could be forgiven for thinking it is, given the lack of other French regions’ bubbly on sale in the UK. Then again, great value is often found when a style is forced to sit in the shadow of a much more famous cousin… ‘Cremant’ is a … Read More

Tom BradfordMarquis de Plagne Cremant de Loire (Lidl)

Toro Loco Tempranillo (Aldi)

Toro Loco Tempranillo (Aldi)

The name means ‘Crazy Bull’ and well, you would have to be crazy to believe that a £3.79 wine could be any good. Wouldn’t you? If there is any region of Spain that could produce a credible red wine at this price, it’s going to be the area around Valencia. Last year’s review of Las Falleras talked about that region’s … Read More

Tom BradfordToro Loco Tempranillo (Aldi)

The Venturer Series – Costieres de Nimes (Aldi)

Ventruer costieres

Another brave move by Aldi. How many people buy a wine when the words on the label mean absolutely nothing to them? Well, they’ll often be missing out, and I guess Aldi hope they might realise that. Costieres de Nimes is a small region to the South-West of the Rhone region. There’s a debate to be had about whether it’s … Read More

Tom BradfordThe Venturer Series – Costieres de Nimes (Aldi)

The Exquisite Collection – New Zealand Pinot Noir (Aldi)

You could be forgiven for forgetting that Sauvignon Blanc isn’t the only grape variety grown in New Zealand. Walk into any supermarket, or even off licence, and you’re virtually guaranteed a choice of brands, if New Zealand Sauvignon is what you had in mind. Shame that we don’t get more regular offerings of the very reputable reds of the Hawke’s … Read More

Tom BradfordThe Exquisite Collection – New Zealand Pinot Noir (Aldi)