Morrisons Signature South African Chenin Blanc

Morrisons Signature South African Chenin Blanc

Is there a more under-rated grape variety than Chenin Blanc? We give the wines of its birthplace, the centre of the Loire valley, very little attention. And the spiritual home it found last century, South Africa, did much to lower Chenin’s reputation by sacrificing quality and instead shipping out copious bottles of characterless wine. Even if we haven’t quite seen … Read More

Tom BradfordMorrisons Signature South African Chenin Blanc

The Exquisite Collection – Anjou (Aldi)

People listen to wineontrial. I’ve seen evidence of this before, and just after I’d bemoaned the lack of Loire reds available in the UK (see review of Waitrose’s ‘Les Nivieres Saumur’ in February 2014), Aldi provide this offering. And at a price of £5.99, a punt just had to be taken.   A direct comparison between Waitrose’s Saumur and Aldi’s … Read More

Tom BradfordThe Exquisite Collection – Anjou (Aldi)