Morrisons Signature Soave Classico

Morrisons Soave Classico

Soave has been a tragic story. A region by the world famous city of Venice, with its own high quality grape variety (Garganega), and, thanks to previous success, well known. Everything was in place for continued greatness. And then along came the bandwagon jumpers, the shortcutters, the ‘if plonk sells, I’ll make it’ crowd. The reputation was soon ruined, and buyers … Read More

Tom BradfordMorrisons Signature Soave Classico

Estevez Cabernet Carmenère Syrah (Aldi)

Estevez Cab

All £5 wines fall into one of two categories. Category A – by far the biggest category – rubbish – will make you wish you’d paid a bit more. Category B – OK – might still make you wish you’d paid a bit more. This is the perceived wisdom anyway. I went along with that ‘wisdom’ until the other day, … Read More

Tom BradfordEstevez Cabernet Carmenère Syrah (Aldi)

Trivento Chardonnay Reserve (Morrisons / Tesco / Waitrose)

Trivento Chardo

All the cool kids prefer their Chardonnay unoaked now, right? That seems to be the conventional wisdom, but the array of oaked, ‘New World’ Chardonnays still adorning the shelves means I can’t be the only one who still likes this style. Of course, perfection is found in the many great white wines of Burgundy, where flavours from the grapes, lees and … Read More

Tom BradfordTrivento Chardonnay Reserve (Morrisons / Tesco / Waitrose)