Chateau Lagrange, Lussac-Saint-Emilion, 2011 (Lidl)

Chateau Lagrange Lussac

Question: how many times can something be called “underrated” before it’s no longer true? The term seems to be many a claret-loving connoisseur’s watchword for the Bordeaux region’s 2011 vintage, but scanning opinion on the web leads to a more balanced conclusion: some Chateaux succeeded and others didn’t. Describing something as “underrated” might give us that exciting feeling of sharing … Read More

Tom BradfordChateau Lagrange, Lussac-Saint-Emilion, 2011 (Lidl)

Fiefs des Comelias Cuvee Prestige, Reuilly, 2014 (Lidl)

Lidl Reuilly

Sauvignon Blanc stubbornly refuses to leave its envied position as the UK’s favourite white wine grape, comparable to the catchy tune which clings on to number one long after the majority of people have come to loathe it. And why is that? Because, just like said catchy tune, there are still plenty of people who can’t help but love it, no matter … Read More

Tom BradfordFiefs des Comelias Cuvee Prestige, Reuilly, 2014 (Lidl)

Aldi Exquisite Collection Clare Valley Riesling

Aldi Riesling

Wineontrial has continued to be impressed with Aldi’s ‘Exquisite Collection’. The Gavi, Shiraz and Chianti Classico have all been excellent value. So it was time for our first foray into the world of Riesling. Let’s first deal with the misconeptions. Number one, it’s pronounced ‘Reez-ling’, not ‘Rye-zling’. Second, despite what the ghastly swathes of inspid, medium sweet Hock and Liebfraumlich … Read More

Tom BradfordAldi Exquisite Collection Clare Valley Riesling

Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon


The most widely available wine in the UK? It must be at least a contender, and probably one of the best selling too. My first encounter with it was over ten years ago, and its moreishness secured it a place in my mental list of ‘old favourites’. And although this makes me a victim of marketing, I will admit to … Read More

Tom BradfordCasillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon

Aldi Exquisite Collection Hawkes Bay Pinot Noir


Wineontrial loved Aldi’s Pinot Noir last year. So much so that we took the unusual step of trying it again. But what we didn’t notice, at least not at first, is that it’s no longer sourced from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. “So what?” cries the casual drinker! Well, Marlborough is on the South Island, many parts of which … Read More

Tom BradfordAldi Exquisite Collection Hawkes Bay Pinot Noir

Morrisons Signature Soave Classico

Morrisons Soave Classico

Soave has been a tragic story. A region by the world famous city of Venice, with its own high quality grape variety (Garganega), and, thanks to previous success, well known. Everything was in place for continued greatness. And then along came the bandwagon jumpers, the shortcutters, the ‘if plonk sells, I’ll make it’ crowd. The reputation was soon ruined, and buyers … Read More

Tom BradfordMorrisons Signature Soave Classico

Estevez Cabernet Carmenère Syrah (Aldi)

Estevez Cab

All £5 wines fall into one of two categories. Category A – by far the biggest category – rubbish – will make you wish you’d paid a bit more. Category B – OK – might still make you wish you’d paid a bit more. This is the perceived wisdom anyway. I went along with that ‘wisdom’ until the other day, … Read More

Tom BradfordEstevez Cabernet Carmenère Syrah (Aldi)

Trivento Chardonnay Reserve (Morrisons / Tesco / Waitrose)

Trivento Chardo

All the cool kids prefer their Chardonnay unoaked now, right? That seems to be the conventional wisdom, but the array of oaked, ‘New World’ Chardonnays still adorning the shelves means I can’t be the only one who still likes this style. Of course, perfection is found in the many great white wines of Burgundy, where flavours from the grapes, lees and … Read More

Tom BradfordTrivento Chardonnay Reserve (Morrisons / Tesco / Waitrose)

The Exquisite Collection – Chianti Classico Riserva (Aldi)

Aldi Chianti

No, it won’t go nicely with liver and fava beans. It would be a terrible match. And seriously, who takes their food and wine pairing advice from a cannibal anyway? As poor as that recommendation may have been, that line is so famous that despite its age, it’s probably still a boost to the Chianti ‘brand’. A very welcome boost too, … Read More

Tom BradfordThe Exquisite Collection – Chianti Classico Riserva (Aldi)

Rustenberg RM Nicholson 2010 (Majestic)

RM Nicholson 2010

Hopefully this wine fact isn’t too tired yet: Cabernet Sauvignon is now the most planted grape variety in the world. It’s so widespread and so common, that it’s easy to forget about its roots, which lie in the Bordeaux region, and more specifically, in an intimate encounter between some Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc vines. You might have guessed that I’m telling … Read More

Tom BradfordRustenberg RM Nicholson 2010 (Majestic)