So why ‘Wine on trial’?

Well, wine is constantly on trial. And I don’t just mean by the so-called ‘experts’ or the ‘connoisseurs’. If you drink wine, you’re on the jury! You don’t need an expert to tell you whether a wine is beautifully complex with notes of this and suggestions of that, or dull and lifeless. Trust me, you don’t.
Let’s face it, there’s lots of rubbish wine out there. We’ve all been taken in a few times by those promising tasting notes on the label, and vowed not to be conned again. But it keeps on happening. If I can name and shame the plonk that doesn’t even deserve a place on the shelf, and that means someone avoids it, I’ll be happy with that.

Then again, there are wines out there that should be celebrated. And I don’t mean celebrated because they come from some stuffy chateau that made its name two centuries ago, and still uses that name to charge what it likes. I mean celebrated because they deliver, and at a price the average wine drinker can afford. Or perhaps they surprise, perhaps they deliver something different. These are the gems that sit on the shelf, all too often anonymously. I want my wine reviews to help get them the credit they’re due.

I swear on my favourite wine glass that I’m here to be impartial and tell it like it is. So please read on.


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