Calvet Sancerre (Morrisons or Waitrose / Ocado)

Sighting a Sancerre at ten Euro in Calais made a purchase inevitable. Well, for me at least. 
Sancerre is of course one of the legendary appellations of French wine. Located at the far East of the Loire valley, the common consensus is that only the nearby village of Pouilly-Fumé and the region of Marlborough in New Zealand can rival it in the world of Sauvignon Blanc.
Then again, perhaps that notion is outdated, as I touched upon when reviewing Morrisons’ (excellent value for money) Touraine Sauvignon Blanc. Still, I knew there was no chance of getting to purchase anything from such a famous (and expensive) appellation for anything less than ten Euro this side of UK Customs.
The label tells me that I can expect the trademark ‘flint’ of Sancerre. And to give it its dues, it is there, just about. Some might say flint, some might call it a subtle smokiness. It almost goes without saying that there’s also a touch of the usual grassiness, and plenty of fresh gooseberry. True to form. The mouth feel is balanced, a decent amount of acidity balanced by the slightest, delicate touch of sweetness. All in all, this is Sancerre ‘typicité’.
If none of these comments sound like a ringing endorsement, that’s probably because you’re reading them the way I meant them to be read. At ten Euro, I’m satisfied. If I’d paid £10, I’d probably be just about satisfied. But when you look at the prices the two UK supermarkets mentioned in the title are charging, particularly the price charged by the more ‘middle class’ of the two, this wine fails to offer good value for money, at least in the humble opinion of this writer anyway.
Don’t get me wrong, this is a pleasant tipple. It’s good, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But it didn’t put a smile on my face the way Morrisons’ Touraine did. And when you compare the prices of the two offerings, there’s just no contest.
Tom BradfordCalvet Sancerre (Morrisons or Waitrose / Ocado)

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