La Châsse Côtes du Rhône Reserve (Sainsburys)

Côtes du Rhône. A true classic. Pronounce it ‘cot doo ron’ and you’re not too far off. But don’t blame me if a French person’s response is “Quoi?”, accompanied by a facial expression that makes you feel about as big as a grape. The supermarkets and most independent wine merchants will usually stock at least one of these wines. So … Read More

Tom BradfordLa Châsse Côtes du Rhône Reserve (Sainsburys)

Taste the Difference Fairtrade Pinotage (Sainsburys)

I suspect a lot of wine drinkers will have heard of Pinotage. But I doubt whether that many have tried it. I suspect even fewer know anything about it. So let’s change that. Pinotage is South Africa’s ‘signature grape’. It’s actually a hybrid they created in the 1920s. They took Pinot Noir and reckoned that if they combined it with … Read More

Tom BradfordTaste the Difference Fairtrade Pinotage (Sainsburys)