Maison du Tastelune Côte de Nuits-Villages (Marks & Spencer)

Red Burgundy is always likely to be, for the most part, the preserve of the affluent connoisseur. Most casual wine drinkers will shop elsewhere. Prices dictate that, sadly.
For anyone not in the know, red Burgundy is the original Pinot Noir, and still, indisputably, the benchmark for wines from this much revered variety.The prices of the wines produced from the best vineyards are eye-watering. And even the more ‘everyday’ examples are usually well over the £10 mark. So, armed with an M&S gift voucher, I decided to find out how much red Burgundy this retailer can offer for £15.99.
Whatever I pay for a wine, I’m looking for the experience of tasting it to be so enjoyable that I start to feel an emotional attachment. I’ll confess, one of the emotions I felt upon tasting this wine was relief. It doesn’t cost what it costs just because it’s Burgundian. The quality comfortably justifies a price tag over the £10 mark.
So relief wasn’t the only emotion. There was definitely pleasure too. The first thing to hit the nose is the oak, but saying that, it’s not overdone. The scents and flavours include an entertaining interplay of strawberries and cherries, both rather precise. The oak has more than made its mark on the texture too; there’s a sexy silkiness about it, one of the trademarks of red Burgundy. And all of these features are  supported by a good level of acidity, which ensures that your palate doesn’t get tired.
Worth £15.99? Maybe, just maybe. Finding proper red Burgundy much cheaper than this would be pretty fortunate.
Tom BradfordMaison du Tastelune Côte de Nuits-Villages (Marks & Spencer)

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