Morrisons Best Pinot Grigio

Time to confront my nemesis. I’ve moaned, winged, you might even say crusaded against, insipid Italian whites. In particular, I’ve slated their ring leader – Pinot Grigio. But after all the plaudits won by Morrisons’ own range of wines, including compliments from this very site, I thought I’d give PG this one final chance to win me over.
The label’s claims imply you can expect a wine that’s complex for its price, promising not just apple and lime, but also a little nuttiness – the trademark of good quality Italian whites. Part of me wanted to believe in these boasts. Part of me wanted to ignore them to spare myself the disappointment.
Nuttiness? Just about, but not particularly pleasant. Apple and lime? Yes, OK, you can tick those boxes. Oh, and to be fair, those flavours don’t just wander onto your palate and then straight back off – they do linger for a little while. A pretty lengthy finish, for a PG.
I quite like the acidity level too. Moderate, enough to freshen the palate, but not so much that you take one sip and then need to leave it alone for a while.
Not a great wine by any means this one. But, and this is hard for me to say, it’s pretty decent. I’m not in a hurry to go buy another bottle, but neither can I accuse it of being insipid.
That just left me wondering what food to put it with. In my case, I think a portion of humble pie is the best choice.
Tom BradfordMorrisons Best Pinot Grigio

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