Winemaker’s Lot Santa Rita Pinot Noir (Tesco)

Back to the minefield of keenly priced Pinot Noir (PN). This Chilean is a new addition to Tesco’s range and it looks like the normal price will be £7.99, with an introductory (perhaps to-be-repeated) offer price of £5. Searching for a simple, inexpensive PN to accompany a range of food on New Year’s Day, I crossed my fingers, parted with … Read More

Tom BradfordWinemaker’s Lot Santa Rita Pinot Noir (Tesco)

Sainsbury’s Blanc de Noirs Champagne

I wonder how many people who buy this will actually understand the name. Many casual wine drinkers will gleefully accept a glass of Champagne, without any knowledge or appreciation of what they’re drinking. I can’t blame them though. Champagne’s popularity is easy to understand. Even so, I’m compelled to offer a few key facts. The first one will probably irritate … Read More

Tom BradfordSainsbury’s Blanc de Noirs Champagne

Ogier La Marlerie Lirac (Morrisons)

Lirac is a small appellation in the Southern Rhône, one that probably has the potential to match many Chateauneuf du Pape wines in both style and quality, without matching the (often inflated) price tag. So having established that the much more common Côtes du Rhône Villages appellation can provide great value for as little as £5 a bottle, I was … Read More

Tom BradfordOgier La Marlerie Lirac (Morrisons)

Chateau Laubès Bordeaux (Morrisons)

That Bordeaux makes the very best red wines in the world is certainly a cliché, many would probably also say a truism. But while the connoisseurs wax lyrical over bottles that can cost as much as the average monthly salary, what about those of us who buy most, or even all, of our wine at the supermarket? Good value claret* … Read More

Tom BradfordChateau Laubès Bordeaux (Morrisons)

Morrisons Best Pinot Grigio

Time to confront my nemesis. I’ve moaned, winged, you might even say crusaded against, insipid Italian whites. In particular, I’ve slated their ring leader – Pinot Grigio. But after all the plaudits won by Morrisons’ own range of wines, including compliments from this very site, I thought I’d give PG this one final chance to win me over. The label’s … Read More

Tom BradfordMorrisons Best Pinot Grigio

Jean Biecher & Fils Pinot Gris 2011 (Morrisons)

Wineontrial’s first look at Alsace is probably overdue. It might not be the best known of all the great French wine regions, but I doubt whether that’s its own fault. Its output certainly isn’t at the levels of some of the others, and little of what it does produce sits in the sub-£10 a bottle market. I think it’s fair … Read More

Tom BradfordJean Biecher & Fils Pinot Gris 2011 (Morrisons)

Calvet Sancerre (Morrisons or Waitrose / Ocado)

Sighting a Sancerre at ten Euro in Calais made a purchase inevitable. Well, for me at least.  Sancerre is of course one of the legendary appellations of French wine. Located at the far East of the Loire valley, the common consensus is that only the nearby village of Pouilly-Fumé and the region of Marlborough in New Zealand can rival it … Read More

Tom BradfordCalvet Sancerre (Morrisons or Waitrose / Ocado)

Altos de Tamaron Crianza 2006 (Morrisons)

Twice in the last week I’ve had people tell me they love red wine. “OK, what kind do you go for?” I enquire, to be met with a sheepish “I like Rioja to be honest…” Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good glass of Rioja as much as anyone. But I can’t bear the thought of constantly buying … Read More

Tom BradfordAltos de Tamaron Crianza 2006 (Morrisons)

Bradshaw Pinot Grigio (Asda)

What a label! Labels aren’t something I normally dwell on, and this one might be a little too bold for some, but that extravagant green peacock is tricky to just walk past. Throw in the offer price of £4, plus a curiosity to see what Romania could do with this much maligned grape (at least on this site anyway), and … Read More

Tom BradfordBradshaw Pinot Grigio (Asda)

Dancing Bull Zinfandel (Morrisons)

Californian wine will not be ignored, no matter how much some producers in the ‘old world’ might want it to be. It’s proven capable of delivering good value on the bargain basement shelves (depending on your taste), and also of making outright quality that can give anything from Europe some serious competition. And it’s not content just with taking aim … Read More

Tom BradfordDancing Bull Zinfandel (Morrisons)