Las Falleras Red (Marks & Spencer)

This is one of M&S’ very cheapest offerings, at just £4.99 per bottle and the name means ‘fireworks’. But would it have us all gasping with delight, or just prove to be a bit standard? If the region is anything to go by, it could be spectacular (for the price). It’s from Utiel-Requeña, in the East of Spain by the … Read More

Tom BradfordLas Falleras Red (Marks & Spencer)

Cimarosa Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (Lidl)

I can’t help but be slightly annoyed at Sauvignon Blanc. For many years, the white wine lovers of the UK merrily plucked bottle after bottle of Chardonnay from their local supermarket’s shelves. Then along came this ‘new’ grape on the block. Our old favourite was left behind in the nineties, much in the same way as we left shellsuits and … Read More

Tom BradfordCimarosa Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (Lidl)

Vin de Bourgogne Chablis (Lidl)

Lidl seems to have made a bold decision to offer us wines from France’s most famous regions without charging us those regions’ usual prices. It’s probably best not to speculate on how they’ve achieved this. I’d prefer to sip my way through an example (or a few), and see whether they offer the stunning value for money that first impressions … Read More

Tom BradfordVin de Bourgogne Chablis (Lidl)

Taste the Difference Chilean Cabernet Sauvingon Rosé (Sainsburys)

I think we like rosé more than some us in the UK dare admit. According to official figures from the IWSR, it accounted for 12% of all wine sales across Britain in 2011. Perhaps it would be higher still if it wasn’t for its feminine image. After all, when did you last see a group of men clinking glasses over … Read More

Tom BradfordTaste the Difference Chilean Cabernet Sauvingon Rosé (Sainsburys)

Cepa Lebrel Rioja Reserva (Lidl)

Rioja must be one of the best known, and perhaps most popular, wine regions in the world. That doesn’t mean it’s well understood by the average wine drinker though. So, in my usual style, here’s a quick crash course first. Most Rioja is red and there are two principal grapes: Tempranillo and Garnacha (aka Grenache). Both are associated with the … Read More

Tom BradfordCepa Lebrel Rioja Reserva (Lidl)

La Châsse Côtes du Rhône Reserve (Sainsburys)

Côtes du Rhône. A true classic. Pronounce it ‘cot doo ron’ and you’re not too far off. But don’t blame me if a French person’s response is “Quoi?”, accompanied by a facial expression that makes you feel about as big as a grape. The supermarkets and most independent wine merchants will usually stock at least one of these wines. So … Read More

Tom BradfordLa Châsse Côtes du Rhône Reserve (Sainsburys)

Taste the Difference Fairtrade Pinotage (Sainsburys)

I suspect a lot of wine drinkers will have heard of Pinotage. But I doubt whether that many have tried it. I suspect even fewer know anything about it. So let’s change that. Pinotage is South Africa’s ‘signature grape’. It’s actually a hybrid they created in the 1920s. They took Pinot Noir and reckoned that if they combined it with … Read More

Tom BradfordTaste the Difference Fairtrade Pinotage (Sainsburys)