Taste the Difference Verdicchio Classico (Sainsburys)

The pronunciation is probably the place to start here, lest you read the rest of this article guessing, or just skipping over ‘that long ‘v’ word’. It’s roughly ‘ver-deek-kee-oh’, with the emphasis on the ‘deek’ bit. Oh, and it’s a type of green grape, just in case you were wondering.
Verdicchio probably isn’t one of the better known grape varieties, at least not outside Italy. I’ve seen many an article suggesting it’s the wine to try if you love Pinot Grigio, but want a change from it. To me though, this is a bit like saying “Why go beige all the time when you can have magnolia?!”
Pinot Grigio has long been a prominent feature of the sub-£10 a bottle market, but I’ve yet to try one that’s made me understand why it has a fan base at all. It might be refreshing, to some extent, and you might get a subtle taste of apples. But I find that the only thing you can rely on it for is a wet tongue. So it’s hardly a ringing endorsement of any wine to recommend it to those who love PG.
This Verdicchio does at least come in an interestingly shaped bottle, as they often do. Better still, I grabbed it while it was reduced, so I couldn’t really go wrong, could I?
Well PG lovers, you’ll be glad to know that it was mildly refreshing. And it had a reasonably distinctive, but certainly not strong, taste of apples. And it was wet. So fill your boots! If you must.
I paid slightly less than £6, and at that price, I’m just about satisfied. Had I paid the usual price of £7.50, I’d have felt like a a mug. Perhaps a mug of PG Tips, which might be a bit more interesting than my Verdicchio.
Tom BradfordTaste the Difference Verdicchio Classico (Sainsburys)

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