The Venturer Series – Costieres de Nimes (Aldi)

Ventruer costieres
Another brave move by Aldi. How many people buy a wine when the words on the label mean absolutely nothing to them? Well, they’ll often be missing out, and I guess Aldi hope they might realise that.
Costieres de Nimes is a small region to the South-West of the Rhone region. There’s a debate to be had about whether it’s really part of the Rhone valley, but the grape varieties used and the style certainly binds them, even if geography, strictly speaking, doesn’t.
To the example in hand (well, glass). There’s something about Aldi’s tasting notes that annoys me, and they’ve done it again with this wine. They’re too accurate. Yes, you read that right. There’s never anything to either add to them or take away from them. For a self-respecting reviewer of wines, that’s crippling. I can’t disagree, but if I just agree, it somehow seems like cheating.
About this Costieres de Nimes, Aldi say “Bursting with flavours of lustrous black cherries, finished with notes of Mediterranean herbs and a hint of pepper”. Sounds very southern Rhone. That’s because it is very southern Rhone. Just as decribed. And like any good, balanced wine from that region, it also has a restrained but sufficient level of acidity, and a touch of smoothness lent by good quality, ripe Grenache. Delicious.
It all sounds like I’m talking about a wine that makes a big difference to the shopping bill. But it’s just £4.99. A rare occasion when something that sounds too good to be true isn’t.
Tom BradfordThe Venturer Series – Costieres de Nimes (Aldi)

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