The Venturer Series – Vermentino (Aldi)

The Venturer Series is an intriguing move from Aldi. At the time of writing, it’s just five wines strong, but they’re generally from grapes and/or regions that tend to sit off the radar of the casual wine drinker. And yet, they’re all priced at just £4.99. 
So what is the target market? I can only assume it’s the adventurous wine drinker who’s looking for a real bargain. Cue interest from Wineontrial!
Vermentino is a variety grown in several parts of Italy, and a few places outside it too, most notably in Provence where it’s often called ‘Rolle’. It’s a variety that’s attracted a small share of the international market’s attention, without posing any serious threat of being the next big thing.
This Vermentino is from Sicily, and the label gets straight to the point in telling you to expect lemon, herbs and nuts. I’m always sceptical of any inexpensive wine that claims to deliver as many as three distinct flavours, and despite Aldi’s reputation for great value-for-money wines, I tried to avoid being too optimistic.
Needlessly, it turned out. Lemon is the dominant flavour, but there’s more acidity than there was in Aldi’s Gavi (see previous review), so it’s more reminiscent of fresh lemon than any other guises. The nuts and herbs become more prominent in the aftertaste, and are surprisingly easy to detect and enjoy.
If I were to choose between Aldi’s Gavi and this Vermentino to drink on their own, the Gavi just cinches it for me. But that is just a personal prefrence. Both are excellent value, and the Vermentino is actually a better ‘food wine’. It’s just what’s called for when you want something to match light fish or seafood dishes. Calamari anyone?

Tom BradfordThe Venturer Series – Vermentino (Aldi)

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